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ELC-100A Aircraft Electrical Training Set

Teknik Özellikler

  • The aircraft duel electrical system trainer is a comprehensive system that is ideal for trainings on an aircraft multiengine electrical system. By using this trainer, students both learn the
    functionality of each component, and develop logical and systematic approach to perform troubleshooting tasks. The system is designed to depict a typical aircraft electrical system, and contains standard aircraft components and wiring. Model AS-51 is a complete functional simulation of a dual-engine 28V DC electrical system of a typical turbine aircraft.
    ADF’s duel electrical training set is laid out to teach the students both parallel generator bus configuration (like DC-10, Boeing 727, etc.) and split bus configuration (like Boeing 757, Boeing 767, MD-80, Airbus A320, etc.). It gives instructor the opportunity to switch the main bus configuration simply by flicking a switch. This unique feature is not available from any other manufacturer.