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OXY-100A Oxygen System Training Set

This training set is a fully functional typical oxygen system.
The external filler valve includes an orifice which restrains the filling rate, and it is protected by a cap so that
contamination is prevented when the charging line is not connected. Several turns of the knob are required to open or close the shut-off valve of the cylinder to prevent a rapid change in the flow rate. Thus, too much strain on the system or generation of too much heat is also prevented.
The pressure regulator in the system adjusts the pressure in the cylinder to an amount that’s usable by themasks. The mask couplings are fitted with restricting orifices to meter the amount of oxygen needed at each mask. A flow indicator that becomes visible when no oxygen is flowing is built into each tube to themask. Indicator is pushed out of sight as oxygen begins flowing.

Control Panel
▪ Oxygen Control
▪ PSU control
▪ Filling Valve Control
▪ Seat Belt Light Control
▪ PSU ( Passenger Service Unit)
▪ COG ( Cemical Oxygen generator)
▪ Oxygen Cylinder
▪ Cylinder Pressure Gauge
▪ System Pressure Gauge
▪ System Flow Indicator
▪ Pressure Regulator
▪ Control Valve
▪ Filler Valve
▪ Pilots’ Oxygen Mask
▪ Crew Portable Oxygen Cylinder
▪ Passenger’s Portable Mask
▪ Passenger Drop-down masks